Our Story

Collars4Change was born in 2015 in Miami, FL. Our story is simple but sincere. 


Bo - In September of 2015 we moved to Miami after spending many years on the West Coast. Soon after moving Bo came into our lives, and we were forever changed. Our little girl was born into a bad situation as so many animals are now a days and while we don't like to focus on the first few months of her life, it's a huge reason why we do what we do. She was terribly underweight, had parasites in her belly, mange, and barely any  fur. The crazy part? She was lucky enough to actually go through the animal shelter system unlike so many other dogs who are born into kennels and dog fighting situations, but all of this stuff still happened to her. It took a few months to get her fixed up and as you can see by the photos above, she made a spectacular recovery. That brings us to how Collars4Change was truly born.

The Start - During the first few months of having Bo in our lives, we were exposed to an incredible (and massive) animal community here in South Florida. We brought her to fun day camps, went to events, and began to spend time with local rescues and animal shelters. It was immediately apparent that if we had a way to make it happen, we needed to contribute to the animal welfare movement. Having spent years in retail and ecommerce, our background lead us to create the first Collars4Change collar in the spring of 2016. We knew we had it, and we were determined to create something amazing out of it. Since our launch we have designed and developed a collection of collars, necklaces, and most recently apparel with no end in sight. 

The Mission - Having the ability to create our own products means that we can donate the maximum amount possible. For every collar sold we donate $10, and for every necklace and apparel item sold we donate $5. Hopefully this can be more in the future as we grow. 

Our Partners - Every month we team up with a rescue organization around the country. During their month as a C4C Rescue Partner, we send all of our donations to them and we help bring exposure to their cause through our own marketing efforts. Sharing their mission and story is equally as important as raising money for them in our eyes, so we put a big emphasis on that. You can find info about them front and center of our website. At the end of the day we could not do this without the love and support from our community and fellow animal lovers!

Finn - In December 2017 we expanded the C4C pack and rescued a little red dog named Finn. We found Finn at Trail of Hope Animal Rescue out in Lake Okeechobee. We fell in love immediately and we can not thank Dee Dee and Jon Morris, the owners of Trail of Hope enough. Unfortunately Finn's mama is still there with them and we are on a mission to help find her an amazing furever home. Read more about Trail of Hope and Godiva here!


C4C Rescue Partners: